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We run the K9Planet Puppy and Beginners Foundation.
The K9Planet Exercises are designed to help you with every day life with your dog and to ensure you have the best possible foundations to build on

Puppy Foundation and Beginners. £90
This is a 6 week course teaching you the basics of puppy ownership and training.
This class also covers the basics for dogs over 1 year that have had no previous training.

Some of the things you will learn
Teaching your dog to respond to its name
Getting your dog to concentrate on you.
Sit, Down, Stand. Teaching with hand signals and verbal commands.
Walking on a loose lead.
Stay and recalls.
Leave food that is placed on the floor in front of them.
Taking an article away from your dog without a fight.
Checking your dog all over including Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Gums, Paws. Without your dog resisting.
Socialisation with unknown people. Meeting other dogs in a calm and acceptable manner.

Talks and cures
Bonding with your dog. Mouthing, Jumping Up,
Crate Training, Your pack and your dog, Around the house.
And many more.....

The first question a dog owner will ask is how soon the dog training can be started.
We suggest that dog training should begin as soon as you bring the pup home.
Dogs form habits irrespective of whether they are trained or not and if they are not trained
they will usually form bad habits.
It is therefore best to train them early and thus ensure they form good habits.

Watch a short video here
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